About the company

Rapid Wheels is a mobile auto service company for busy people in Halifax. Started by, Rafael Tomas who worked in the big dealerships and garages, saw the need for a personalized professional automotive service convenient for everyone. 

Rapid wheels employs licensed mechanics and provides tire services, motor tune ups, oil changes, brake service and more.

Fast Service

With licensed mechanics and personalized service, Rapid Wheels provides speedy service!


We keep customers happy by coming to them! Nothing is more convenient than having professional service without the wait and staying inside a dealership.

Licensed mechanic

Rapid Wheels has fully-licensed mechanics on board to care for your automotive needs.

Fairly priced

We carry all brands across Canada!

Quality at its best.


We supply and use OEM spec and economy parts with warranty.


Our mechanics and apprentices are licensed and insured to work in Nova Scotia.


Regular, Synth-blend, and fully synthetic oils and lubricants from major manufacturers.